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Institute for Mindfulness and Meditation


The Story of the Spirit Traveler


“It all began millions of years ago upon the mountains where we stand here now. The universe was interconnected beyond the concepts of duality. ….” – I’ve heard a deep voice say as I got up to look around.

I was in another realm, a parallel universe as you might say. Everything around me seemed exalted in its perfection and the ground was covered with shimmering crystals. Yet somehow, I knew this was home. 

The perfect society in which everyone had genuinely good wishes for each other, knew their duties and responsibilities, and carried out their work skillfully. I knew who I was. 

They called me Rikyak Lhamo [Tibetan: Goddess of Excellent Awareness], an embodiment of enlightened female essence from the padme [lotus] family. My joys and aspirations grew here like flower fountains filled with the nectar of eternal youth. 

I was a teacher.

“Have you heard of the ancient Shambhala prophecy?” – the voice said as I noticed a figure approaching me. 

The vision faded as quickly as it appeared. I must have dozed off in the afternoon sun. Slowly, I got up and started heading down the hiking trail back towards my car.

Everything seemed the same, yet somewhat my mind was clearer. Also, I couldn’t help hearing the buzzing mantra sound. 



[ be continued...]

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