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Rundle Mountain reflecting in Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park

Photography: Jeff Whyte 

Gateway to Selflessness

Mindfulness for Organizations

Benefits of Selflessness

Diversity and Inclusion

Learning to effectively work with others with different opinions and backgrounds allows for improved decision making and less bias.

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Benefits of Selflessness


Innovation occurs on the foundation established by trust and psychological safety.

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Benefits of Selflessness


Bringing individual awareness into alignment with the collective strategic goals and aspirations delivers exceptional results.

According to Hougaard and Carter, “selflessness is the wisdom of getting out of your own way, the way of your people, and the way of your organization to unleash the natural flow of energy that people bring to work” (2018).

As described by Oliver et al. “collective (or organizational) mindfulness, (...) is a social phenomenon that refers to a state of shared awareness and attention that emerges from interactions between multiple actors, a totality with intricately connected and interdependent components, from which organizational mindfulness emerges at the system level” (2016).

The Search Inside Yourself organizational mindfulness program initially created by Chade-Meng Tan at Google initially begun as somewhat revolutionary in nature and now it has evolved into a new mainstream global trend, with wide applications into many industries. Subsequently, due to strong observed correlations between mindfulness training and increases in team productivity and organizational wellness, it is very likely that we will see a very rapid adaptation of similar corporate programs at an even wider scale in the future. 


Let's explore more of what that means and how you can develop a mindfulness program for your organization. Please visit the bookings section to find out when the next Mindful Leadership Certification Program is being held.


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