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View of the Three Sisters Mountain in Canmore, AB, Canada

Photography: Martin Capek 

Gateway to Compassion

Mindfulness for Leaders

The Dalai Lama XIV was quoted saying that "compassion is not just religious business; it is everyone’s business, it is a matter of human survival."


Compassion helps us align with a deep sense of purpose that is bigger than ourselves and make values based ethical decisions when it matters most. 

The Potential Project conducted extensive research involving surveys and assessments of tens of thousands of leaders and narrowed down the following three mental qualities that stand out as essential for increasing team engagement, happiness, and productivity: mindfulness, selflessness, and compassion (Hougaard and Carter, 2018).

Resilience is all about our capacity to handle difficulties, demands and high pressure without becoming overly stressed. Indeed , when we shift our circle of compassion to include others, a powerful transformation occurs in our neurological network. As described by Thupten Jinpa from the Compassion Institute, "when we help others with genuine concern for their wellbeing, levels of endorphins, which are associated with euphoric feelings, of happiness, surge in the brain" (2015).


Let's further discuss the exciting practical application of mindfulness and compassion training towards leadership development. Please visit the bookings section to find out when the next Mindful Leadership Certification Program is being held.


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Benefits of Compassion

Values Alignment

Cultural health and wellbeing create pathways to sustainable performance. Find out how compassionate leadership is the key to creating values driven organizations.

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Benefits of Compassion

Ethical Decision Making

Embracing our common humanity and expanding our circle of concern helps to make sustainable decisions for better future.

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Benefits of Compassion


Resilience is about our capacity to bounce back from difficulties and allows space for long term organizational continuity in face of ever changing environmental demands.

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